About the Project

The “Diversity is Key” programme consists of a series of conferences to be held in 2016 and 2017 with the objective of increasing public positive change on the topic of diversity and inclusion.  The involvement of institutions and businesses keen on sharing their experiences in the implementation of inclusive policies, offers a unique opportunity to approach the topic and make valuable connect.



Introduction to the project:

The project has been conceived by The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy and its main sponsor UPS and was launched on 16 November 2016 at the British Ambassador’s residence in Rome, Villa Wolkonsky. The programme now progresses through a series of meetings dedicated to exploring in depth the subject of diversity as it relates to gender, culture and age. The focus of this analysis will be to understand how diversity can bring concrete benefits to business in terms of competitiveness and results through the development of its human resources. The meetings will be held in Milan and will be dedicated to Gender Diversity and LBGT – “When social responsibility is driven by business objectives”, 9 March 2017, Cultural Diversity “Expanding business perspectives through inclusion” 24 May 2017 and Age Diversity “Alliance between generations in the workplace”
11 October 2017.

The programme hopes to stimulate and facilitate the inclusion of all individuals, promoting social integration, respect and inclusion of individuals from cultures other than the dominant home environment in the workplace.

Diversity is Key has also received the support of the following institutions that have granted their Patronage to the initiative: British Embassy Rome, British Consulate-General and Comune di Milano.

The speeches:


November 2016’s speeches: